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Jason Daly
Full Stack Software Engineer

I am well versed in PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, and competent in many other languages and technologies.

I have experience working for for big advertising and e-commerce brands, and earlier experience in the education space.

I currently lead and manage engineering for a fintech startup. and previously built ordering and inventory management services for a multi-billion dollar retailer in New England.

I am perpetually eager to learn and love solving problems through code.



Lead Engineer & Engineering Manager

Austin, TX

Originally hired as a Senior Software Engineer, I currently act as the team lead and manager for the engineering team.

  • Architected the automated underwriting process used both internally and by SaaS customers to reduce the time from application to offer.
  • Architected the ability for a deal's lifecycle to be customized based on customer and market fit. This was a fundamental rewrite around how Lendflow processes deals toward funding.
  • Supported the migration of deal and client history from a legacy application to today's product.
  • Standardized how Lendflow interacts with all (~35+ and counting) 3rd party API's. Wrote middleware used by both Lendflow's external facing API and internal tooling to log every request and response, validate and rate limit 3rd party API calls, and more.
  • Successfully migrated from PHP 7 to 8.1, supported migration from Laravel 8 to 9, and currently support the migration from Vue CLI (Webpack) to Vite.
  • Helped grow the tech team from ~10 to ~30 in one year, helping define process around interviews, onboarding, and team makeup & responsibilities.
  • Responsible for defining quarterly KPI's for the engineering team and individuals, holding all accountable toward improvement of metrics like sprint velocity, cycle time, time to initial code review, and reporting regular progress around those goals to the CTO.

Lead Developer

Label Interactive
Southbury, CT

Lead developer for a digital interactive agency.

Built and maintain ordering services for a large retail chain in New England.

  • Responsible for the creation and continued development of an inventory and order fulfillment management panel & JSON API built with Laravel, PHP7, Apache, MariaDB, Redis, and more, running on RHEL servers from Microsoft Azure.
  • Wrote Ansible playbooks to automate Capistrano-style, zero-downtime deployments.
  • Built and maintain multiple API consuming SPA's with Vue.js, Vuex, and vue-router that allow customers to create orders through in-store kiosks and online.
  • Created in-store, live updating order fulfillment application with Vue, vue-router, and for employees to fulfill orders.
  • Successfully managed migration from bare-metal Rackspace servers to Azure managed cloud services.
  • Integrated with many 3rd party services like Apple Push Notification Service, Firebase, Aurus, DoorDash, Maxmind GeoIP, Google Tag Manager, IBM XTMail, and Twilio.
  • Created tooling that processes inventory pricing and availability updates for over 125k products multiple times a day across hundreds of retail stores fulfilling over half a million orders annually.

Built internal tools for the annual production and client review of thousands of online advertisements.

  • Created a Node.js command line tool to automate the creation of new projects from a series of in-house templates.
  • Created a Gulp.js pipeline that provides live-reloading during development and a variety of options for building and exporting ads for production.
  • Built a client review panel with TypeScript, Vue.js, vue-router, and Vuex that talks to a Koa.js API running on PM2.
  • Wrote tooling to unpack .zip archives, apply code transformations to manipulate production ready ads for display within the review panel (for example, swapping out production CDN paths for relative paths on the fly), and more.
  • Provisioned and maintain a CentOS server with Ansible to keep software up to date.

Created dozens of shorter lifespan, high traffic sweepstakes, instant-win contests, micro-sites, and other unique projects for name brand companies.

Owner & Lead Developer

The Conference Scheduler (currently unavailable)

A side project; how I learned and stayed current. The Conference Scheduler is security-focused, available-everywhere, live-updating schedule management built for schools. It aims to make creating and managing parent-teacher conferences easier for administrators, teachers, and parents.

  • CI/CD pipelines via CircleCI test and deploy the application to DigitalOcean droplets.
  • Ansible playbooks are used for server provisioning and deployment.
  • Vagrant is used for local development and to test provisioning and deployment.
  • Built with current versions of PHP, CentOS, Caddy, Ansible, Laravel, Vue.js, Vuex, TypeScript, MariaDB, Redis, and Tailwind CSS.

Development Manager

Oakville, CT

Lead developer and development manager for a leading national school CMS provider.

  • Responsible for all development efforts for the company, including oversight of a team of six overseas developers.
  • Managed the development of the next major version of the company's flagship CMS product, built on top of Drupal and the latest version of PHP.
  • Successfully migrated all customer districts running on independent installations of the legacy product over to the new platform.
  • Built an email archiving product with a combination of IMAP filters, PHP & shell scripts, and MySQL to help school districts meet regulatory requirements by maintaining a searchable database of all email communications into and out of the district.

Web Developer & Support Manager

Oakville, CT

Developer and support manager for a leading national school CMS provider.

  • Instituted formal task management policies and practices for the development team.
  • Implemented version control with Subversion (and later, Git) and code maintenance practices for this company.
  • Received and resolved all code-related support requests.
  • Improved CRM and support systems for client and lead management.


Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

University of Connecticut
Storrs, CT


Cadets Alumnus

The Cadets Junior Drum and Bugle Corps
Allentown, PA

Marched euphonium for The Cadets, a World Class junior drum and bugle corps, touring the country for two summers.

I answer questions on StackOverflow when time allows, and have earned enough reputation to put me in the top 1% in the HTML, CSS, and Ruby on Rails tags, and top 5% in others.